“The Chosen Ones”

I’m featured in the latest issue (and podcast!) for the New Humanist. The story also draws from some of the reporting I did at the RNC in August, with some follow-up analysis.

Here’s the beginning of the feature:

Jena Lee Nardella, a young Evangelical American who runs a missionary non-profit, stood at the convention lectern and prayed for one of the men running for president.

“May he know your presence, oh God, as he continues to serve as a leader of this nation, as a husband to Michelle and as a father to his daughters. Help him to see justice, love mercy and walk humbly with you.”

Nardella was animated in front of a crowd which was excited, if perhaps a bit surprised, to see her. She was speaking to the Democratic National Convention, and praying for Obama, offering an opening prayer many would have thought would be more in place at the conservative Republican National Convention the week before. Nardella proceeded to offer a similar blessing to Obama’s rival Mitt Romney, perhaps a consolation for the apparent incongruity of a member of the Republicans’ traditional core demographic, evangelical Christians, participating in a Democratic event.

Nardella’s appearance offered further evidence that those secularists who took the campaigns at their word when, earlier this year, they promised a religion-lite election cycle were going to be disappointed.

[Read the rest at the New Humanist]

And the podcast is available for download here.

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