Slate TV Club: American Horror Story

So I have a history of liking indulgent television with an overdeveloped sense of religious symbols. It’s no surprise, then, that I’m a fan of American Horror Story. Slate‘s doing a weekly TV club for the show, and I was up to bat for episode two’s recap chat:

J. Bryan Lowder: Good evening, Abby! The final thwack of Sister Jude’s cane on Kit Walker’s bare bottom is still resonating in my ears. How are you feeling after that failed escape attempt?

Abby Ohlheiser: It seems like this season is carrying over the kinky spirit of the latex suit from the “Murder House” story line, at least.

Lowder: Someone on the production team clearly has an interest in S&M. I thought this episode’s demonic possession subplot was a pretty compelling take on the old Exorcist trope. What say you?

Ohlheiser: Definitely, especially considering the way in which the possession scene threw a spotlight on the science/religion duality that I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of as this season continues. This episode had me at the MAN OF SCIENCE forcing a nun to eat the candy apple (of knowledge of good and evil).

Lowder: I know, right? That candy apple was really tweaking me out, and lo and behold if Sister Mary didn’t “fall” (possessed herself, I believe) by the end of the episode.

Ohlheiser: The good doctor likes to wield his symbols with a pretty heavy hand—I also chuckled at the giant knife in the dinner scene later on. It’s delightful.

Read the rest at Slate. Also see the recap of episode seven, which we liked just a bit less.

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